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File Sharing

Filesharing is illegal and could cost you $2,250 for every song you download.

In 2009, Jammie Thomas-Rasset was ordered to pay 1.9 million dollars to Capitol Records for infringing on the company's copyright. She was found guilty of downloading and distributing 24 songs to the file-sharing website Kazaa. That was reduced by a judge; as of November 2010, Thomas-Rasset only owed $54,000. That's a case called Capital V. Thomas. Look it up.

And also in 2009, a jury took three hours to award Sony $675,000 in damages for the 30 songs Joel Tenenbaum downloaded and distributed from Kazaa. As of 2010, another judge reduced that to $67,500. That's Sony BMG Music Entertainment et al. v. Tenenbaum.

Do you have $2,250 for each song you want to download?

Next, we'll learn more about copyright and multimedia.

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updated: 8/9/11