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Use of Multimedia in the Classroom

you can include liited portions of copyrighted material when creating a project for a specific class.  That's fair use.

For movies, film clips and TV shows, you can use up to 10% or 3 minutes, whichever is less, can be used to create a school project.

If it's an image, like a photograph, drawing, or illustration you can include up to five images from one artist or photographer, or up to 10% or 15 images, pictures or illustrations, whichever is less, from a collection.

If it's music, music videos, or lyrics you can use up to 10 %of the music, music videos, or lyrics can be used, but no more than 30 seconds from one musical work.

You can keep that material for your portfolio, and to show during job interviews. After 2 years though, according to fair use guidelines, you have to request permission from the copyright owner to continue using the multimedia materials used in creating their project.

Next, we'll learn more about how to use multimedia legally.

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updated: 8/9/11