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Creative commons licenses

There are several types of Creative Commons licenses.

Attribution - The least restrictive Creative Commons license. If you put an Attribution license on a picture you've drawn of your dog, anyone can make copies of it (copying), pass it out to their friends and classes (distributing), print it on a tee-shirt and sell it (commercial distributing), draw a second dog into the picture (making a derivative work), and decide whether or not they want to make the new picture available under a creative commons license (share alike). They must acknowledge that you made the original work.

Image of Attribution license, next to a dog.

Attribution-Share Alike - People can copy and distribute your dog picture, use your picture to make a new work, and sell their new work if they can find a market for it. They must acknowledge you as the original creator, however, and they must apply a creative commons license to the new work.

Attribution-No derivatives - People can copy and distribute your work, but they must not change or edit it in any way, and they must acknowledge you as the original creator.

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updated: 8/16/11