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In order to use more of copyrighted material than Fair Use permits, you must get permission from the copyright owner. Before you go any further, see if your campus has a Copyright Officer. This person can tell you about campus policies and resources to help get copyright permission. There are two ways to get permission:

  1. Contact the Copyright Clearance Center ( and let them do the work. There is a fee involved. (Ask your campus Copyright Officer if your school already has an account set up.)
  2. Contact the author personally and ask for permission. This may involve a fee. You will first have to determine who holds the copyright.
  3. If the work is a book, look in the front pages. There will be a statement of copyright.
  4. If it's a journal article, look in the front of the journal to see if you can determine who owns the rights - the authors or the journal. (Your local librarian can help with this.)
  5. Next, determine how to contact them. This is where the real detective work comes in.

    • Journal and book publishers usually print their contact information in the front of the work. If not, do an internet search for them.
    • An internet search will usually help you find an author. If they list a school or business, search for that. If you can't find anything, contact the publisher for an address.

    Next, learn how to request permission from the copyright owner

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updated: 8/15/11